Using and preserving wood

Using and preserving wood
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Wooden furniture itself has its own style, can be decorated anywhere in your house, but requires the owner to know how to choose and arrange to suit the space and architecture. Items such as dressing tables, kitchen cabinets, lounge furniture, beds, bookshelves... that help you enjoy your own space or decorate the office also exude a luxurious and "style" look. .

The items are usually made of primitive wood such as pine, rubber, rosewood, oval peach... or MDF. Do not choose items that are too large for a small area, or furniture that fit in a space that is too large to make the room cold and monotonous.

Wooden furniture is popular because of its diverse styles and colors, convenient for use and most importantly, they are very durable. However, that also depends on how you use and maintain. Furniture is only beautiful when it is kept clean and shiny.

Some tips from experts when using and maintaining wooden furniture:

- Avoid placing wooden objects in direct sunlight or where the temperature changes frequently. Avoid letting the wood soak in water for too long.

- When there is spillage on the wooden surface, it should be wiped immediately with absorbent paper.

- Do not let the wood surface scratch. Be careful when moving, when placing objects on the wooden surface, put a lining when using the wooden surface to write.

- If using water, only spray water on the wooden surface but not too much (water will damage the surface quickly), so wipe in circles.

- When cleaning, use a specialized wood furniture polishing spray at least 1-2 times a week to protect the wood surface. It is recommended to regularly wipe wooden furniture with varnish to increase protection, create a new shiny surface, not to be dusty, scratch-resistant.

- The following is information about the prices of a few wooden interior decoration items currently on the market for your reference.

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