Why choose VIỆT GIA ?

Garden landscaping is an art that combines engineering that requires the designer to have a good aesthetic eye and understand all the problems in construction and the characteristics of each plant.

Therefore, VIET GIA is not simply a planter but a team of well-trained architects who will combine architecture and trees to create the perfect garden landscape for customers.



Prestige with customers is the survival of VIET GIA so our garden products
always meticulously elaborated with the highest quality from design pen to completion of construction.

Classy design!

Any beautiful interior project needs to have quality design.

VIET GIA with a team of professional architects will bring you beautiful designs to adorn the building, bringing the ideal green space for homeowners.

Quality construction!

Strict professional process from design to construction ensures compliance with the design agreed with the owner.

VIET GIA with a skilled construction team will complete your space with the best quality, the most competitive price.


Free delivery

Free delivery For orders with a value of more than 500.000 VNĐ

Chi Phí Tiết Kiệm

Chi Phí Tiết Kiệm Let customers come to buy for the first time

Big promotion in early spring

Big promotion in early spring 20% off all products