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About Viet Gia Company Limited

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  Our factory specialize in producing outdoor and indoor wood products that are processed  from plentiful timber sources such as Keruing, Eucalyptus, Pine, Acacia, Rubber, Mixture Hardwood, etc. Our products have engaged domestic and export market and were affirmed for quality by European, American, Japanese, Asian, Vietnamese  ... customers.

  With a team of experience designers, skilled workers and high-monitoring system, check closely all stages in the production process, we will bring customers the best products with best competition price. Moreover, we are interested in leading to the comfort of customers using the our wooden products on aesthetic, the convenient, safe structure, oil painting is not toxic ...

 When customers are interested, or set requirements for the products, we will provide fully informations about the image, the technical drawing, materials, practical sample, price, quantity, delivered time ... before the two sides signed the specific contract.

 Our capacity is about 100 x 40' containers per year with policy guidelines : High Quality, Competitive Price, Accurate Time, Multiform Model. We believe we can satisfy every your demands.

Let communicate with us at address :


Director: Nguyen Van Ngoc  - Wood Processing Engineer
Mobile: 84 903 596 112


Wood Processing Factory :

458 Le Thanh Ton  Street - Pleiku City - Gia Lai Province - Viet Nam
Tel : 84 59 3748788          Fax : 84 59 3748988


162 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street - Pleiku City - Gia Lai Province - Viet Nam
Tel : 84 59 3827838

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